Customs process analysis

Customs process analysis from customs expert Awor

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Customs process analysis

Do you know your risks and are you fully exploiting your potential?

  • Licensing requirements for exports
  • Import duties, anti-dumping duties, quotas, import preferences
  • Identification of correct preferential origins and use of free trade agreements
  • Master data quality (customs tariffing and classification)
  • Organisation and responsibilities
  • Work instruction and process descriptions
  • Internal control systems
  • Authorisation management
  • Simplified customs procedures
  • Special customs procedures

The customs experts at AWOR will quickly identify your deficiencies, but also possible potentials.

  • We determine the current status of your customs and foreign trade processes.
  • We analyse your risks.
  • We determine potentials.
  • We propose prioritised measures.
  • We provide support with the implementation.
  • We then carry out regular customs audits and prepare audit reports.

Customs process analysis
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