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Experienced customs officials, lawyers, customs specialists from industry, certified customs declaration officials, engineers and technicians together represent the accumulation of customs know-how. Located in Markdorf on Lake Constance, in Hamburg and on the Swiss border, AWOR will classify your products in international customs tariffs, carry out customs audits and advise you comprehensively on the subject of customs in general, AEO certification, preferences, foreign trade, customs tariffs, customs audits, customs tariff numbers and much more.


As the market leader, AWOR offers comprehensive customs know-how and ensures the smooth import and export of your goods and services.

Are you ready for Brexit?

Brexit Zollservice

Not every company is adequately prepared. Hoping and trusting transitional arrangements is the wrong way and will lead to chaos. It is time for companies with British suppliers or customers to deal with the export and import rules.

EORI number, tariff number, customs declarations, rules of origin, proof of preference, preference calculations and export control all extremely important.


China Re-Export Control is comming?


China re-export control will be introduced in 2020. This has far-reaching consequences for exporting companies.

The extraterritorial control of re-exports repeatedly leads to difficulties in practical implementation and increases not only the costs, but also the risks of violations.


AWOR Customs Offers you a wide range of professional Customs Consulting Services.

Customs process analysis

Do you know your risks and are you fully exploiting your potential?

AWOR Customs provides an extremely widespread and in-depth customs know-how!

Export controll

Export control is becoming more and more important!

Because of the many armed conflicts worldwide combined with global terrorism, export control is becoming increasingly important.

Customs tariffing

The importance and presence of correct customs tariffing and classification are often only realised in the aftermath of a negative customs inspection.

We combine in-depth customs tariff know-how with a high level of technical expertise.

Customs declaration

Liability for customs declarations is often underestimated or unknown.

The responsibility always lies with you in case of doubt.

We are looking forward to your enquiry

Customs tariffing and customs consulting are our core competencies.

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Customs tariffing is our core competency!

The binding classification of goods in international customs tariffs is elementary for your trade, but very complex. Internal company employees are often not trained for this and quickly reach their own limits. AWOR offers your company a solid basis in the core area “customs tariff and customs tariff number”.


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