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Customs tariffing is our core competency!

The quality of master data with regard to customs tariffing and classification very often leaves much to be desired. The importance and presence of correct customs tariffing and classification are often only realised in the aftermath of a negative customs inspection.

Various causes:

  • Incorrect data from suppliers is simply input without checking
  • High variety of items
  • No acute necessity (hidden errors have not yet been detected)
  • Lack of professional competence (pure customs tariff know-how is not sufficient)

The risks of incorrect customs tariff numbers can be significant:

  • Post-clearance recovery of import duties
  • Penalties or criminal proceedings
  • Withdrawal of customs procedures
  • Reputational damage

Our AWOR experts (technicians, engineers and former customs officials) will assign the correct commodity codes to your products and check for possible approval requirements and prohibitions. We combine in-depth customs tariff know-how with a high level of technical expertise.


We use the following techniques:

  • Access to all current legal sources
  • Technical drawings
  • Material specifications
  • Direct material master drill-down in your ERP system (for example, SAP)

Customs tariff classification

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Customs tariffing – a customs tariff is a nomenclature in which goods are listed (number codes) and corresponding customs duties are recorded. Only approved customs tariff numbers may be declared using the simplified procedure.