Are you ready for Brexit?

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Many companies cannot provide the corresponding capacities, resources and budgets in advance due to the uncertainties. We offer you a comprehensive Brexit customs service.

  • Customs declarations import and export and other customs procedures (e.g. in the following countries: DE, UK, CH, NL, AT, CN, FR, RU, ES, PT, PL)

– We guarantee smooth customs clearance.

– Not just for imports and exports that affect Germany.

With our exclusive partner in the UK we can also ensure the same high quality of professional customs clearance in the UK.

You don’t have to deal with different partners and customs brokers, as a top service you get everything from AWOR as single source.

  • Process analysis
  • customs tariffing and classification
  • Goods origins and preferences / supplier declaration management
  • Export Control

Not every company is adequately prepared. Hoping and trusting transitional arrangements is the wrong way and will lead to chaos. It is time for companies with British suppliers or customers to deal with the export and import rules. EORI number, tariff number, customs declarations, rules of origin, proof of preference, preference calculations and export control all extremely important.

If Great Britain becomes a third country,

  • the risks increase (customs bureaucracy, trade barriers, legal uncertainty, etc.).
  • the effort and costs for companies increase significantly.
  • delivery conditions, contracts and the supply chain have to be analyzed and adjusted.


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