AEO certification

Zollberatung AEO - Zertifizierung

The AEO of certification

The AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) certification is a crucial part of the EU security concept and grants customs advantages to companies that carry this certificate, from which you also benefit. As of 01/05/2016 only AEO-certified companies can receive customs simplifications.

AWOR Customs tells you where the customs inspection focuses are and what individual member states attach particular importance to.

We also help you to reduce your risk factor at customs by obtaining AEO status.

AEO Zerifizierung Sicherheitskonzept

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The AEO of certification

AEO certificate

The abbreviation AEO stands for:

“Authorised Economic Operator”.

AWOR Customs GmbH is AEO-certified and therefore YOUR customs consultant!